Lifelong Driver is an effective, scientifically based program that's easy to use and improves the driving skills older drivers need to stay safe on the road. You'll learn at your own pace, with materials that engage while they educate.

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    Computer-based training
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    Point-of-view driving simulations
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    Interactive video segments
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    At-home activities
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    Optional in-car exercises

Our powerful combination of advanced teaching methods and patented technology helps you recognize problems before they happen. And handle them better when they arise.

Everything You Need

Your Lifelong Driver package includes a complete set of tools to help you become a better driver...right away.

Lifelong Driver Software Package
  • Easy Installation Instructions
  • Computer-based Training Software
  • Digital Workbook (PDF)

The program also provides information on important topics such as keeping your license and referrals to other resources.

My son, who is a retired Ca. Hwy. Patrolman, sent the Lifelong Driver program to us with his recommendations.  After viewing and completing the program, we felt the information and exercises contained in the program were extremely beneficial to fine tuning and reinforcing our driving skills that had diminished over time.  The knowledge contained in the program has given both of us the confidence to continue our driving into the future.  We especially liked the parking lot exercises.
Ira and Ann Lilly O'fallon, Illinois