CA Mature Drivers


A major concern for mature drivers is maintaining  safe driving skills.

Lifelong Driver was specifically created to extend the driving life of mature drivers.  Our programs reinforce life-saving situational awareness skills, helping to maintain independence and mobility.

Lifelong Driver is about developing safer driving skills.  Lifelong Driver uses real-life driving simulations that teach and precisely measure the skills most critical for mature drivers.  As a result, most participants notice an immediate improvement in the way they drive.

Lifelong Driver is research-based.  We use validated teaching methods along with patented and proprietary technology to make the program effective, fun and engaging.

Lifelong Driver helps you maintain your freedom, independence, and quality of life.

It's your road. And you still have plenty of miles to travel.


My son, who is a retired California Highway Patrolman, sent the Lifelong Driver program to us with his recommendations.  After viewing and completing the program, we felt the information and exercises contained in the program were extremely beneficial to fine tuning and reinforcing our driving skills that had diminished over time.  The knowledge contained in the program has given both of us the confidence to continue our driving into the future.  We especially liked the parking lot exercises.
Ira and Ann Lilly O'fallon, Illinois