CA Mature Drivers


A major concern for mature drivers is maintaining  safe driving skills.

Lifelong Driver was specifically created to extend the driving life of mature drivers.  Our programs reinforce life-saving situational awareness skills, helping to maintain independence and mobility.

Lifelong Driver is about developing safer driving skills.  Lifelong Driver uses real-life driving simulations that teach and precisely measure the skills most critical for mature drivers.  As a result, most participants notice an immediate improvement in the way they drive.

Lifelong Driver is research-based.  We use validated teaching methods along with patented and proprietary technology to make the program effective, fun and engaging.

Lifelong Driver helps you maintain your freedom, independence, and quality of life.

It's your road. And you still have plenty of miles to travel.


It was a very unexpected, good surprise at how beneficial the Lifelong program turned out to be and I'm only 56. The way the program is set up takes a little getting use to but it's really worth the time and effort investment. When they say that they rewire your brain, it's true. As I drive now, my mind uses the term "potential hazard" or "immediate hazard" to identify hazards and I smile to myself knowing it's the video program that has imprinted this in my mind. I've adjusted my steering wheel since it was aimed at my head instead of my chest. Many of the topics covered are really good reminders and a good review of things we may have forgotten over the years. Thanks for producing such a great product that is effective and done efficiently so my time wasn't wasted.
K.C. Cornville, AZ