Founded in 1995, Advanced Drivers Education Products and Training, Inc. (ADEPT) is a world-class team of renowned doctors and behavioral scientists, insurance industry leaders and traffic-safety experts.

Our mission is to deliver science-based training that significantly reduces auto collisions.

Using cutting-edge research and study, we have identified the critical driving, behavioral and physical factors that empirically relate to auto collisions, specifically for drivers ages 16-18 and 55+.

The result is two customized, comprehensive programs that have fundamentally altered the driver safety industry—teenSMART and Lifelong Driver.

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The adjusting of the mirrors was most beneficial !!!!!!! Great tool for seniors to use. I must say, at first it made me very nervous doing the exercises! The tutorials and roadmap changed all my fears in fouling up! Great program ! ! !
R.S. Tucson, AZ