Lifelong Driver targets those essential driving skills that can save your life and keep you driving safer, longer.

Designed specifically for drivers 55 years and older, Lifelong Driver is a fun and engaging computer-based program that includes realistic driving simulations to quickly sharpen your driving skills. Take the program at your own pace in your own home.

Mature drivers, 55 or older, who successfully complete an approved Driver Improvement Course can qualify for reduced motor vehicle insurance premiums. California law allows insurance companies to determine the percentage of premium reduction. The insurance carrier can refuse to give a reduced rate to those who have poor driving records. You may wish to ask your insurance company about your eligibility and the amount of discount prior to taking an approved Mature Driver Improvement Course.

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 and reference the California DMV Mature Driver Improvement Program.

The course was fun, useful, and enjoyable. It gave me opportunities to correct my mistakes.
J. L. Cornville, AZ