Lifelong Driver is an effective, scientifically based program that's easy to use and improves the driving skills older drivers need to stay safe on the road. You'll learn at your own pace, with materials that engage while they educate. Lifelong Driver includes:

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        Computer software & digital workbook: Activities are completed with a digital workbook on your home computer.
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        Point-of-view driving simulations: Address the leading causes of collisions and develop neurocognitive pathways linked to crash reduction.
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        Optional in-car exercises: In-car exercises to be completed at your own pace.
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        Certification: These tests demonstrate your understanding of safe driving concepts and your ability to apply them.

Our powerful combination of advanced teaching methods and patented technology helps you recognize problems before they happen. And handle them better when they arise.

To begin, you need

  • A PC or Mac that meets minimum specifications. Click here for complete specifications¬†
  • An Internet connection
  • Approximately 6 hours to complete the program.¬† Training is divided into short 30-minute segments, which can be completed at your own pace.
  • A valid driver license and auto insurance in order to participate in the optional in-car exercises.

It was a very unexpected, good surprise at how beneficial the Lifelong program turned out to be and I'm only 56. The way the program is set up takes a little getting use to but it's really worth the time and effort investment. When they say that they rewire your brain, it's true. As I drive now, my mind uses the term "potential hazard" or "immediate hazard" to identify hazards and I smile to myself knowing it's the video program that has imprinted this in my mind. I've adjusted my steering wheel since it was aimed at my head instead of my chest. Many of the topics covered are really good reminders and a good review of things we may have forgotten over the years. Thanks for producing such a great product that is effective and done efficiently so my time wasn't wasted.
K.C. Cornville, AZ