Lifelong Driver was introduced in 2011 by ADEPT Driver, the creator of teenSMART, a teen driver safety program proven to reduce teen-driver crashes.

After years of extensive research, the Lifelong Driver team of leading scientists, doctors and traffic-safety experts has identified the five major causes of age-related collisions:

  • 1
    Judging safe gaps in traffic, especially when making left-hand turns at intersections
  • 2
    Determining adequate distances from other vehicles when merging and making lane changes
  • 3
    Detecting hazards and dealing with distractions while driving
  • 4
    Identifying and remembering relevant objects while driving
  • 5
    Dealing with complex driving environments, like busy intersections and parking lots

If you or someone you know has trouble with any of these issues, or could benefit from maintaining or improving these skills, Lifelong Driver can help.

What Makes Lifelong Driver Different?

Lifelong Driver is the only leading driver safety-program that targets the top five causes of mature-driver crashes. Lifelong Driver measures and improves the ability to avoid these types of crashes.

Hispanic Couple at Computer

The result is a program that:

  • Helps mature drivers identify problem areas
  • Improves driving skills
  • Helps you avoid collisions
  • Helps you keep your license longer

With Lifelong Driver, you'll notice an immediate improvement in the way you drive.

It was a very unexpected, good surprise at how beneficial the Lifelong program turned out to be and I'm only 56. The way the program is set up takes a little getting use to but it's really worth the time and effort investment. When they say that they rewire your brain, it's true. As I drive now, my mind uses the term "potential hazard" or "immediate hazard" to identify hazards and I smile to myself knowing it's the video program that has imprinted this in my mind. I've adjusted my steering wheel since it was aimed at my head instead of my chest. Many of the topics covered are really good reminders and a good review of things we may have forgotten over the years. Thanks for producing such a great product that is effective and done efficiently so my time wasn't wasted.
K.C. Cornville, AZ