The loss of driving privileges can gravely affect a person's self-esteem and independence, not to mention creating physical and emotional isolation from friends and family. Yet many older drivers fail to recognize or admit that their driving skills may not be what they once were.

The facts are clear: Improving or simply maintaining your present skills is far easier than trying to regain them after they're gone.

Because it's not just about driving...it's about living.

Lifelong Driver keeps mature drivers on the road longer and more safely by being:

  • 1
    Positive: Information is presented and skills improved in a self-paced, supportive fashion
  • 2
    Easy-to-Use: Learning and progressing are as simple as point-and-click
  • 3
    Realistic: Drivers improve their behind-the-wheel skills through the use of real-life driving simulations


In recent studies, drivers 55+ who completed Lifelong Driver reported:

  • Lifelong Driver exercises are relevant to their driving experience
  • Lifelong Driver will extend their safe-driving life
  • Lifelong Driver has improved their driving skills
    • Noticing vehicles in mirrors and blind spots
    • Spotting hazards and potential hazards
    • Determining sufficient gaps in oncoming traffic
    • Making safe lane changes

Be a Lifelong Driver NOW!

It was a very unexpected, good surprise at how beneficial the Lifelong program turned out to be and I'm only 56. The way the program is set up takes a little getting use to but it's really worth the time and effort investment. When they say that they rewire your brain, it's true. As I drive now, my mind uses the term "potential hazard" or "immediate hazard" to identify hazards and I smile to myself knowing it's the video program that has imprinted this in my mind. I've adjusted my steering wheel since it was aimed at my head instead of my chest. Many of the topics covered are really good reminders and a good review of things we may have forgotten over the years. Thanks for producing such a great product that is effective and done efficiently so my time wasn't wasted.
K.C. Cornville, AZ